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Spiritual Formation: Home


  1. Articulate and define the Biblical principles, disciplines, and practices for forming and  sustaining a life with Christ
  2. Identify their strengths and begin the preliminary work of discerning strengths-based vocational calling that can positively shape the mentored ministry placement.
  3. Identify major streams of thought and practice for spiritual formation within the history of the Christian tradition.
  4. Put core learnings into short-term practice with an eye toward long-term sustainability.
  5. Cultivate a deeper appreciation for lifelong work of spiritual formation within themselves
  6. Understand the principles and practices for disciplining others within and beyond the church
  7. Develop a plan for personal spiritual formation and maturation that can be applied to congregational life


Spiritual Formation is a long, slow, and necessary journey that takes us from where we are to where God wants us to be in Him. It is not an overnight process, but a lifelong discipline of delighting in our walks with God. The journey cannot be contained by any one course or taught by any one book.

Spiritual Formation for Ministry is in the Division of Practical Theology that equips us with the necessary tools to begin this process of formation, both inwardly with God and outwardly in community. We will be introduced to various perspectives on the process of faith formation and equipped to articulate a practice that will nourish and sustain him or her for lifelong ministry.