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Lindsell Library - Charlotte Campus

About Lindsell Library

About the Harold Lindsell Library

The Harold Lindsell Library serves the Gordon-Conwell Charlotte campus, but it is open for on-site use by the general public as well.

The library is designed to support the training of theological students from an evangelical perspective. Collecting areas include philosophy of religion, biblical studies, church history, theology, pastoral ministry, counseling, world missions, and evangelism. Special attention is given to the evangelical tradition and to materials relating to Christianity in the American South.

Special collections at Harold Lindsell Library include:

The Robert C. Cooley Collection in Biblical Archaeology and Early Christianity. Named in honor of the deceased son of President Emeritus Robert E. Cooley, this collection contains materials relating to archaeological expeditions in the Holy Land, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and early Christian history and backgrounds.

The SIM Collection in World Missions and Intercultural Studies houses over 3,500 volumes from SIM, an international missions agency whose offices are located adjacent to the Gordon-Conwell Charlotte campus.

History of Lindsell Library

Harold Lindsell Library History

Harold Lindsell Library contains over 55,000 volumes and is housed in the Frank and Morrow Graham Academic Center at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary-Charlotte. The library serves the needs of non-residential students enrolled in the degree programs at the Charlotte campus.

A Brief History of the Lindsell Library

The Library is named in honor of Dr. Harold Lindsell, a native of Columbia, South Carolina and a member of the founding faculty at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena. After leaving Fuller, he served as the second editor of Christianity Today magazine and on the Board of Trustees at Gordon-Conwell (including service as chairman of the board). Dr. Lindsell's academic work focused on the world mission of the church and on the theological importance of the authority, inspiration, and innerancy of Scripture.

Lindsell Library Collections

Three special collections are housed in the Lindsell Library: the Robert C. Cooley Collection in Biblical Archaeology and Early Christianity, the SIM Collection in Missions and Intercultural Studies, and the David A. Dean Collection in Eschatological Studies. In addition, the Robert C. Cooley Center for Early Christianity has just purchased the Ben Witherington library. In combination with the Cooley Collection the Witherington library will provide the seminary with a research oriented collection in areas related to ancient near eastern studies, biblical archaeology, biblical studies, and early Christian studies.