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Writing Center

Get Writing Help Today!

Get the writing support you deserve! Here you will find information about the online revision and editing services offered by the Gordon-Conwell Writing Center as well as detailed submission guidelines. 


Explanation of Writing Center Services

  • Professors expect to receive writing assignments that have been edited and revised. The Writing Center provides both services! Editing involves detailed, sentence-by-sentence feedback on grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and writing style. (Note that editing does not include specific feedback on formatting.) Revision involves detailed feedback on "big picture" ideas in a written text, such as: introductions, thesis statements, paragraph development, organization & cohesion, transitions, integration of research, analysis, conclusions, and even visual appeal.
  • Just like in the academic world, people expect churches and ministries to produce writing that has been edited and revised as well. Therefore, the Writing Center also offers editing and revision support for texts that GCTS students write for ministry purposes. Such texts might include ministry web pages, written sermons, résumés for ministry positions, church newsletters, Christian non-profit publications, faith-based blog posts, ministry grant proposals, etc. Let us know what you are working on for ministry, and we will be glad to help!

Detailed Submission Guidelines

  • Students can pay per text as needed (which means multiple payments during the semester). Or they can pay in advance for a specific number of pages (which means less payments during the semester). Students can pay by cash, check, student account, credit card, or debit card. Payments can be received online or through the physical bookstores on the Charlotte and Hamilton campuses. Note that there is a fee for all credit and debit card transactions.
  • On the payment page, the indicated price is the price per page (for double-spaced texts), and students must select the number of pages to be reviewed by increasing the item quantity. For example, if a text is 4 pages long, then the student will enter "4." The system will then calculate the total price for 4 pages once the student checks out in the online store. 
  • All payments + Writing Assistance Request forms must be received at least 72 hours (3 full days) before feedback is required for a written text. If payment is not received at least 3 days in advance of needing feedback, then the request for revision or editing services cannot be honored. An additional day may be required for students who are being newly enrolled in the Writing Center.
  • Students can choose either revision or editing services for each request for writing support, but not both (unless they have pre-paid for both services). Thus, if a student desires both revision and editing services for a written text, then he/she would pay for the text two times, once for revision and once for editing. 
  • If a student resubmits the same written text more than once, each time is counted as a new request for revision or editing services. Payment must be received for each individual request regardless of whether the written text has been reviewed previously.
  • Students can expect to receive feedback within 3 days of paying for Writing Center services + submitting a Writing Assistance Request form. Long texts (15+ pages) may require additional time. 
  • To understand more about the enrollment process, see the document below, "How to Use the Writing Center." 
  • If are ready to enroll, simply click the link below that says "Get Writing Help Today!" After paying for services the first time, you will automatically be enrolled, BUT this process may take 1-2 days to be completed. You will receive an email notification once enrollment is finalized. Please do not inquire about enrollment unless 48 hours have passed without any notification.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: