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Reading Room Guidelines

General behavior and conduct should comply with the Community Life Statement found in the current GCTS Student Handbook.

  • Do not re-shelve items. Return items with which you are finished to the Circulation Desk (whether they have been checked out or not). Return Reference books and bound periodicals to the designated area(s) in the reading room. Current periodicals may be left on the round tables in upstairs Reading Room.
  • Do not have more than 6 Reference books in your possession at a time. This will provide other persons an opportunity to use limited resources.
  • Do not leave books on tables, at the end of shelves, or on the floor.
  • Do not leave personal items in the library overnight, except at an assigned carrel.
  • Do not leave unchecked books, Reference books or periodicals in a carrel overnight. Fines apply!
  • If you remove books from a shelf, push in the bookend so the rest of the books don't fall over. Do not borrow library bookends for your office or carrel.
  • If you move furniture, return it to its original location when you leave.
  • The library has a liberal policy of allowing coffee, water, juice, etc. in the reading rooms in closed and non-spillable containers. IF you spill a beverage, please report it to the Circulation Desk immediately so the stain can be treated early.
  • Keep cell phone and computer noises turned off while in the Library. If you need to answer a cell phone, step outside of the reading rooms to talk.
  • Maintain a clean study area for the next student by throwing your trash in the wastebasket, removing any drink containers, and pushing in your chair when you leave.