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Resource Request: Boston

This guide will help patrons at any of Gordon-Conwell's campuses to request resources whether they need a book via Interlibrary Loan, a hold placed on an item, or a scan from a book chapter or journal article.

Bruce Jackson Memorial Library

InterLibrary loan is available at Gordon-Conwell's Boston campus (CUME) in cooperation with the Hamilton campus. When you request an item through the library catalog, the ILL librarian at Hamilton processes your request and has the item sent to the main campus. The item is then sent weekly by a courier to the Boston campus, where it will be available for pick-up. On account of this courier system, there can be some delay in receiving items at CUME. If you have any questions about the status of your ILL request please contact us at‚Äč

In addition to the resources available at the Boston Campus of GCTS, students can access other theological libraries that are a part of the Boston Theological Institute (BTI). For details on how to do this please visit the BTI libraries page. 

Policy for Your Campus

Can Boston Students use the Library in South Hamilton?

- The community at the Boston campus is unique in that they have the opportunity to visit the Goddard Library in South Hamilton as well as using their library at CUME. In addition, because of the close proximity of the two campuses, materials from Goddard are delivered to CUME by courier once a week if you are unable to visit.

Can I have an ILL sent to the Bruce Jackson Memorial Library?

- Yes. InterLibrary Loan items also come from the Goddard Library in South Hamilton and are then taken to CUME by courier once a week.

Who can use ILL?

- ILL services are available to all currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff at Gordon-Conwell's four campuses. However, you must be willing to pick up and return any ILL items to the Circulation desk at the Bruce Jackson Memorial Library at CUME or the Goddard Library.

How many items can a patron request through ILL?

- Currently, all four campuses allow eligible patrons to request 6 items from other libraries. This is in addition to the four items that can be requested from the Goddard Library in South Hamilton (for non-Hamilton students).

What types of items can be requested through ILL?

- The purpose of ILL is to provide materials not available in GCTS libraries. At this time, no item that is owned by a patron's campus library can be requested through ILL. This includes items only available in Reference, Reserves, or the Witherington Collection (at Charlotte).

- Requests that are placed for items owned by your library branch will be turned into hold requests and you will receive an automated email when the book is ready for you to pick it up.

How long does it take to get an ILL item?

- ILL requests usually take 1-2 weeks to arrive (remember, if your request is turned into a hold it could take up to 28 days). However, because GCTS does not control all of the factors in ILL delivery, it is possible for books to take more than 2 weeks or as little as 2 days. This is why requesting resources should be done as soon as possible in your research preparations. 

Can I have an item sent with expedited shipping through ILL or from another campus

- Regardless of your status at any campus, there are NO options for speeding up the method of shipping with ILLs or with or inter-campus loans, even if you are willing to pay for the difference.

Is there a cost associated with ILL?

- If you are eligible to use ILL (active student, staff, or faculty at any campus) then you can use this service free of charge. If you are not eligible, then you are not able to use this service even if you are willing to pay for it.

Can ILL requests be monitored by patrons?

- ILL requests that are approved will be visible on patrons' accounts (if a request is not valid, you will be notified by a librarian through email). After an ILL request is made, the system will generate a "hold request" for the item in a patron's library account. This "hold request" will have a status of "not ready" until the item is received by the patron's campus library from the lending library. Patrons will be notified by email when an ILL item is available for pick-up at their campus libraries' circulation desk.

Do I need my library card to pick up an ILL item?

- Yes! You will NOT be able to take your book with you unless you have your physical library card (for students this will be your student ID card, for staff or faculty this may be your driver's license or guest card). Please note: having a picture of your card on your phone, a paper copy of your card, or knowing your ID number does not qualify.

Can items be renewed?

- This is all dependent on the library that has loaned the book to us for you. Please email in order to request renewals. Typically, if the ILL librarian knows that the item is not eligible to be renewed before you pick it up, they will indicate this on the book strap.

Your Local ILL Contact

Phone: (978) 646-4074

Bruce Jackson Memorial Library
90 Warren St. 
Roxbury, MA.