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Resource Request: How-Tos

This guide will help patrons at any of Gordon-Conwell's campuses to request resources whether they need a book via Interlibrary Loan, a hold placed on an item, or a scan from a book chapter or journal article.

Some Helpful Information

Please see below for various tutorials on using resource sharing at Gordon-Conwell. As you use the catalog and our databases, here are some helpful tips to try. 

  • If you know the exact title of the book or article you are looking for you can place it in quotes in the search bar (for example "Kingdom Prologue"). This can narrow down your search results. 
  • If you are searching for terms in the title of a book/article you can precede your search criteria with "ti:" for items that appear in a title or "kw:" for keywords in the items record (more generalized results). 
    • For example, by searching for "ti: Kingdom Prologue" will only provide results where those words appear together in the title. 
  • Similarly, if you know an authors first and/or last name try preceding that in the search bar with "au:" for author. 
    • For example, searching for "au: George Marsden" will provide results only for materials where George Marsden is the author. 
  • Don't forget to use the check-boxes on the side of your search results page. This will allow you to specify if you want items at a specific campus, worldwide, etc. You can also specify the format of the material you are requesting. 

How to request a book through ILL

Click below for a detailed guide on how to request a book via InterLibrary Loan. This reflects all campuses. 

How to request a scan of an article or book through ILL

Scan requests can work the same as book requests. However, take the time to see the specific procedure for scan requests by following the link below. 

Finding theses or dissertations in our databases

There are many theses and dissertations you can access through GCTS. One way is to request the physical copy through the catalog. You can also look into some of our databases for downloadable files of the document you need. See below for a look at how to use a couple of these databases. Using these databases is often much quicker than asking for a scan request vial InterLibrary Loan if GCTS owns the item.